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Crisis Service:

Community Counseling Services Crisis Line: 570.552.6000

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Toll-Free 1-888-829-1341 or 211

  • I will stop and think before I react and ask myself, "Is it worth it?"
  • I will avoid using the words "just" or "I don't know" since these words may indicate I am making excuses
  • I will remember I have a chemical imbalance in my brain "bad brain chemistry" or "BBC"
  • I will not let my emotions control my rational thinking or decision making
  • I will not feel anxious without good reason
  • I will not believe anything without proof or evidence
  • I will not feel guilty unless I have done something wrong
  • I will remember the part to learn from it, so I don't repeat the same situations or beat myself up
  • I will not see suicide or self-abuse as solutions to my problems. there are always other options.
  • I will be "aware", of my emotions and analyze them before "acting" on them (3 "A's")
  • I will be assertive when needed and appropriate, but never aggressive
  • I will practice using direct eye contact when talking with others
  • I will not increase, decrease, or stop my medication without first consulting with the prescribing physician/provider
  • I will keep a list of my medication with me at all times, with the doses, reasons, and the times they are taken and who prescribes them
  • I will never use drugs or abuse alcohol



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